En el mundo actual los medios occidentales giran la cabeza hacia China y se esfuerzan en señalar los abusos de Xi Jinping. Si China no es suficiente, entonces es Rusia y el malvado Putin.

No está mal mirar y señalar con el dedo a quien lo hace mal (y hace el mal). ¿Pero qué hay del mal ejercido sobre la clase trabajadora occidental? Los trabajadores apenas tienen poder, trabajan por sueldos miserables, son vigilados y dejados a su suerte cuando ya no son útiles como fuerza de trabajo. Las condiciones de trabajo en China también tienen consecuencias en otros países del mundo.

The war on workers is not a Chinese phenomenon. It is a global one. And U.S. corporations are complicit. Apple has 46 percent of its suppliers in China. Walmart has 80 percent of its suppliers in China. Amazon has 63 percent of its suppliers in China.
We will not save ourselves through the perverted individualism, sold to us by our corporate masters and a compliant mass media, which encourages our advancement at the expense of others. We will save ourselves by working in solidarity with workers inside and outside the United States. This collective power is our only hope. Amazon workers from the Hulu Garment factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Global Garments factory in Chittagong, Bangladesh, recently led a global day of action to make Amazon pay all its workers, no matter where they live, fair wages. This has to be our model. Otherwise, workers in one country will be pitted against workers in another country. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels got it right. Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

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