:Una utopía libertaria:

Unos colegas empezaron en octubre de 2020 su gran utopía que consistía en vivir en un gran barco llamado Satoshi en aguas internacionales, sin gobierno, con negocios libres de impuesto, solo se podía pagar con criptomonedas, etc. Con un planteamiento así, ¿qué podía salir mal? Sin haber empezado ya habían algunas leyes como las de cualquier gobierno.

The final entry on the FAQ page, regarding the possibility of having pets on board, gave a bracing insight into the tension between the idea of freedom and the reality of hundreds of people closely cohabiting on a cruise ship. The answer linked to a separate document, containing a 14-point list of conditions including one that declared no animal should exceed 20lbs in weight, and any barking or loud noises could not last for longer than 10 minutes. If a pet repeatedly disturbed the peace – more than three times a month or five times in a year – it would no longer be allowed to live on board. “Any pet related conflict,” instructed point 13, “shall be resolved in accordance with Section V (F) of the Satoshi Purchase Agreement or Section IV (F) of the Satoshi Master Lease, where applicable.” Dogs would only be permitted in balcony cabins, and it was advised that owners buy a specific brand of “porch potty”, a basket of fake grass where your pet could relieve itself. (Pet waste thrown overboard would result in a $200 fine.)

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