Microsoft has invested significant effort into understanding why Windows devices are not always fully up to date.

Microsoft, cuéntame más...

What we found is that devices that don’t meet a certain amount of connected time are very unlikely to successfully update. Specifically, data shows that devices need a minimum of two continuous connected hours, and six total connected hours after an update is released to reliably update. This allows for a successful download and background installations that are able to restart or resume once a device is active and connected.

Unos genios estos de Microsoft...

Pero seguro que ya trabajan en alguna solución, como reducir el tiempo de las actualizaciones.

You can work to ensure that more devices across your organization meet the minimum Update Connectivity measurement by communicating with device owners, encouraging them to leave their devices plugged in and connected—instead of powering them off overnight—so that updates can download and install properly. Impress upon them the importance of keeping their devices connected so their devices can stay protected and they can stay productive.

¡Ouch! El culpable eres tú que no dejas conectado el suficiente tiempo las computadoras. ¡Unos genios!

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