Mira qué bien. Alguien ha analizado en un trabajo científico los datos que recogen Apple y Google de los teléfonos móviles.

We investigate what data iOS on an iPhone shareswith Apple and what data Google Android on a Pixel phoneshares with Google. We find that even when minimally configuredand the handset is idle both iOS and Google Android sharedata with Apple/Google on average every 4.5 mins. The phoneIMEI, hardware serial number, SIM serial number and IMSI,handset phone number etc. are shared with Apple and Google. Both iOS and Google Android transmit telemetry, despite theuser explicitly opting out of this. When a SIM is inserted bothiOS and Google Android send details to Apple/Google. iOS sendsthe MAC addresses of nearby devices, e.g. other handsets andthe home gateway, to Apple together with their GPS location.Users have no opt out from this and currently there are few, ifany, realistic options for preventing this data sharing.
“During the first 10 minutes of startup the Pixel handset sends around 1MB of data is sent to Google compared with the iPhone sending around 42KB of data to Apple,” Prof. Leith said.

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