Blockchain-vudú vuelve a la carga en New York, otra vez IBM con el intento de un pasaporte de vacunación contra la Covid-19.

Technology firms are leaping at the chance to use the Covid-19 pandemic to ply dubious products, from useless thermal cameras to creepy tracking collars. The latest comes courtesy of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who entered the state into a partnership with IBM to put citizens’ Covid-19 vaccine and test data on perhaps the most over-hyped technology of all: blockchain.

Pero por suerte hay algunas voces críticas.

“There is zero reason for blockchain to be involved in this problem,” said Matthew Green, an associate professor of cryptography at Johns Hopkins University and the creator of Zerocash, a software protocol designed to improve the privacy of the Bitcoin blockchain. “Blockchain solves a very specific problem around not trusting people, and the problem with this vaccine stuff is you do trust people; you have to trust the data being entered into the blockchain is an actual trusted reflection of who’s vaccinated or not.”

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